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Welcome to Ericslist

Your premire nyc party source.

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Eric’s list is free to anyone, Living anywhere in the world.
Eric is not a greedy fuck. He knows that most people don't have too much money to be spending on going out. Eric is one of those people. That’s why when he got a job in the clubbing business literally by being in the right place at the right time his entrepreneur attitude kicked in. (He also has a computer guy for hire $15/hour in NY/NJ/Around the country that also offers hosting and all that good shit :
Infinity Computer Services) so Eric’s List was manifested. And then it was! IT WAAAAS! Well it is too Check it out.

We offer free complimentary admission to clubs in the New York area for E mailing list subscribers.

We also offer services to clubs such as : Eric's list djs, dancers, erotic dancers, custom visualization plug-ins for projectors (made by Eric), website manifestation, flyer design, a flyer distribution team, a head promoter , staff , and fish.

Hell if we make some money somehow we will throw free parties! Perhaps some club owner will read this and be like hey I'll let them throw a party here for free as long as it doesn't cost me anything: I could make money off of the drinks and stuff and we could still charge people not on Eric's list. Wow that’s a good ass idea what was that dude Eric's e mail.... hrm... oh here it is v@spitfireservers.net

This is going to be a lj community You must join the LJ community to get on the list and when you join please post your e mail address in the only friends only post because I will put you on my guest lists and stuff if you want to hot clubs in NYC such as:
Club Coral Room*
and other fine establishments.

*It will not start at Avalon, black, and vinyl until everything is set up, in the meantime you can enjoy complimentary access to select nights around NYC. Also we'll keep you up to date on all the underground parties going on: warehouse parties, raves, the shit that is better than most club nights. You should really add the community to your friends to help us get know we will post party information on it in and around NYC that would be free or DAMN close to free.

Please help Eric out.

He will hook up the people who subscribe!!

Promoters : You will have to join and subscribe and show me what you want to post and if it looks like a sick party I will post it.