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Some info about this community/Ericslist

Ok so reply to the previous post with your e mail so I can add yall to the mailinglist anyone can sign up, just do not sign up if your a mean person. Basically I want to get a sick crowd going and get the nightclubs to give me free lists + money for people coming earlier, this is completly in the works, there are others but I do not think they are 100% free, a website is in the works but for now any updates , it will have a complete and updated nyc club listing with special offers to members so they can get in selected clubs free of charge on 7 different days with as many clubs as I can get to give me lists.

Its all about the love here.

The following is what I am going to have on the page in the about section. Pretty much explains it but not completly it will have a lot more features its in the works.
About Ericslist
Ericslist is your premire guide to NYC nightlife. Formed by Eric because he was sick and tired of there being no constantly updated club listing that was easy to access for every day of the week. Not everyone parties on friday and saturday, Ericslist provides a comprehensive listing that includes all the information about the party you need to know. Ericslist even offers special guestlists so you do not have to pay the full cover charge(no charge if your on the mailinglist). Ericslist cares about you. So do us a favor and use our site(lj community for now) when you want to go out clubbing, subscribe to the mailing list for special Ericslist promotions and events around nyc. The difference between Ericslist and other promotional sites is that we won't only lists parties that are paying us to list them, we will list all parties that we can find. Special Ericslist sponsored events will go in the home page. We can only offer reduced admission or free admission to clubs that participate in the Ericslist guestlist system.
Much love to everyone,
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